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The Right Kind of Black Girl cannot solve the crises that plague Black women and girls alone—it takes a community to help Black girls who need us. By partnering with businesses, schools, Black women, nonprofit charities, community leaders, and other allies, we are able to unify and build up women and girls across the diaspora.



We are forever grateful for your donation to The Right Kind of Black Girl. Your contribution will help us meet our goals and further assist our local communities. Your gift is 100% tax-deductible, and a tax acknowledgment will be emailed to you for your records.


Join Black girls, leaders, policymakers, and other stakeholders in shifting the treatment of Black girls for the better by driving key policies and holding businesses accountable to opening more doors and ensuring equality for Black girls and women across the diaspora


We invite companies — big and small — to support The Right Kind of Black Girl in ways that are aligned with their mission and our shared goals. Business owners may choose to partner with us by sponsoring our business center or becoming a business sponsor. Businesses can also help by funding a therapist, launching an employee engagement program, or by collaborating on a social-media campaign. There are lots of ways to highlight a company’s generosity of time, spirit and resources.

We invite you to choose one or more opportunities from the options below, and we welcome additional ideas for collaborations

Become a Business Sponsor

Whether it’s donating your expertise, office space, or services, help female entrepreneurs get to the next level through sponsorship.

Sponsor an Event

The Right Kind of Black Girl's Board of Directors and dedicated supporters spearhead annual fundraising events with customized sponsorship opportunities.

Participate in a Community-wide Event

Community-wide events unite female startups, businesses and our members to provide them with access to services and to highlight their accomplishments throughout the year. We also invite community leaders, elected officials and celebrities to attend. Tailored sponsorship and volunteer opportunities are available for each community-wide event.

Fund a Mentee

Expose our mentees to a world beyond their immediate communities by sponsoring a culturally enriched trip to learn about untold history and experience the diversity of new cultures. Our mentees can also benefit from a trip to your company’s office to gain exposure to various professions and learn new skills directly from practitioners.

Mentorship Program

The Right Kind of Black Girl aims to foster an environment that enables Black women and girls to thrive. Through deep interpersonal relationships, mentorship becomes a developmental partnership through which mentors and mentees grow personally and professionally.

We have three mentorship levels:

Daughters of the Diaspora

Daughters of the Diaspora is a powerful community offering one-on-one (in person) mentorship to young girls of color from middle school to high school.

Leveling Up!

We partner with executive-level mentors to provide our members the opportunity to develop the career, leadership, and diversity of skills they need to succeed in a dynamic and global workforce. Future leaders are partnered with executive-level leaders and forward-thinkers to learn how to thrive in corporate America.

Black Startups

Black business owners face a host of challenges with lack of support being one of the largest barriers to entrepreneurship. “It’s harder, it seems like, than it should be,” says Janea Smith. Often times, Black women lack the overall support to get their businesses off the ground. In this mentorship program, we pair you with a business mentor with more entrepreneurial business experience than you to serve as a confidant over an extended period of time. Your mentor could be an individual or a business entity.


We rely on the tireless efforts of our volunteers and, simply put, we could not do our work without the support of our volunteers. Get involved with one of our many volunteer opportunities below:

Join an Event Committee

Help plan an event for our members.

Are you interested in serving as a mentor? Do you have an experience you would like to share with us? Then join us. We would love to have you on our team!

Become a mentor

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Become an Accomplice

Every revolution has allies! We invite people from all walks of life to be an accomplice in changing the trajectory of Black girls across the diaspora.

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Bring Us to Your School

Want to help Black and Brown girls in your school? You can invite our Daughters of the Diaspora program to your school and watch as we motivate and boost the confidence of every female child in your school.