When the Spirit is Calling

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Spiritual awakening? What is it? How do you know if you’ve experienced one? Well, I want to share my take on spiritual awakenings. It’s important you recognize and acknowledge spiritual growth since it increases your own self-awareness and, most importantly, it is a way of showing gratitude to yourself for the strides you’ve made. When we acknowledge ourselves, our self-confidence increases as well.

Spiritual Awakening…Huh?

Spiritual awakening. That term can be confusing, right? Let’s resolve that confusion now and ensure our understandings of the term “spirituality” are in alignment. Spirituality is not synonymous with religion. For our purposes, spirituality is the recognition of a feeling, sense, or belief that there is something greater than oneself—something more to being human than a sensory experience. Additionally, it is the understanding that the greater whole of which we are a part is cosmic or divine in nature.  The experiences listed below do not happen in any particular order. 

But First…Let Go

First on my list, I call it “let it go and let it flow.” This saying is a reminder to self to let go of the things you cannot change and the things over which you have no control. Stressing over things beyond your control can literally shorten your lifespan. Through acceptance, you gain more control over your own emotions and, therefore, can begin to flow

A good way to control your emotions is to first explore why you’re feeling the emotion in the first place. When you understand your “why” behind the emotion, you can begin to control the emotion because now you know the root cause.   

Have I Experienced a Spiritual Awakening?

Feelings of immense gratitude are often experienced during a spiritual awakening. For me, my heart chakra feels as though it received a surge of oxygen or a burst of light. 

During this experience, I feel the most gratitude for the earth and its elements—from the beautiful sun that kisses my skin on warm summer days and the water that cleanses my body, to the air I feel rushing through my body when I inhale. Gratitude allows you to take a moment to relish in good spirits. What are you grateful for? Is it your friends? Your loved ones? 

What Else Can I Do to Experience an Awakening?

Another big one is total honesty. Being honest with yourself allows you to bring your whole self to the forefront. Through honesty, we are accepting or acknowledging the things we don’t like about ourselves. This is a key component to a spiritual awakening because we are allowing our truth to flow through us and out to the earth. This can feel intimidating for some, but it can also be a freeing experience. 

In this era of social media, comparing ourselves to what we’ve seen on The Gram can be a bad habit to fall into. This brings me to my final point. There is no right or wrong way to experience a spiritual awakening. Everyone’s experience is different. 

Going Forward

What’s most important is that you do what feels natural to you. Create a space in your home where you can sit and think. Decorate the seating area with things that make you comfortable. This could be a white mat, a comfy yoga pillow, your favorite candle, some sage, a plant, some flowers, or anything that makes the space calm and inviting.  

If you haven’t noticed by now, it’s all about self-mastery. And that’s how you have a spiritual awakening. Thanks for reading guys and gals. 

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  1. What a great read Shambria! I’m definitely a believer of letting go of what you can’t control and well as finding a happy space in your home which puts you at peace. We all need it. Thank you for the additional insights.

  2. Love it Sis!! In these times it’s beautiful that you help provide an informative piece on how to create a space of self mastery. The ability to curate an environment of self awareness and self love to truly navigate spiritually in a natural world gives us an extra shield of protection. I absolutely love it and feel inspired to further self invest!!

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